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Welcome to Photographer's SupplyStation

At Photographer's SupplyStation, we provide quality photographic studio lighting equipment to amateur and professional photographers, videographers, and moviemakers - at low wholesale prices. We strive to supply everything needed for both still and video photography. Whether you need strobes (flash) lighting, or continuous lighting (halogen and cool fluorescent), this is the place to come to for all your studio lighting needs. We also provide all the attendant studio furnishings, such as lighting modifiers, light stands, booms, softboxes, backgrounds and backdrops, digital backdrops, chromakey backgrounds, replacement fluorescent and halogen bulbs, background support sets, new cool fluorescent lighting, powerful halogen lights, strobes, flash, and all necessary tools for all types of photography and videography - and at low wholesale prices designed to fit every budget - and work with every kind of camera you may have. That's right, ALL Cameras! Digital cameras, video cameras, film cameras, movie cameras, instant cameras, and even a cardboard box with a pinhole in it, and more. We are fully-accredited full-line distributors for all Britek, Linco, PhotoBright, and Photobacks products.

But even if all you want to do is to make some great pictures of your kids, or want to post online some impressive images of your products and/or services, but don't want or need to spend a fortune to do so, then Photographer's SupplyStation is the place to come to as well. We're here to provide quality, photographic lighting equipment, fully guaranteed at affordable prices. We also freely dispense help and guidance (and free digital goodies throughout the web site).

And so, we offer here an excellent selection of quality studio lights, kits, and all necessary studio lighting equipment (like: backgrounds and backdrops, digital backdrops, chromakey backgrounds, light stands, booms, softboxes, replacement bulbs, fluorescent photographic lighting, halogen lights, strobes, and many more excellent and affordable tools for the photographer). And we do so at low wholesale prices to fit any budget, and have quality lights and kits that will work with ALL Cameras!

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Strobe Kit $159
2 Lt Kit $349

3 Lt Kit $459

3 Lt Kit $499

4 Lt Kit $659

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