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Professional Studio Boom / Light Stand Combination on SALE for Only $99!

New! Boom - Light Stand Combination

Every studio needs boom stands to provide top lighting (light from above) and hair lighting for portraiture and people pictures (in the pictures in slick magazines, where do you think that healthy "shine' on models' hair comes from?). Also used for key or fill lights, backlighting, and more.


Light Stand Extends Vertically 6'
Boom Arm Adds Another 3' To 7'
Extends to a maximum height of 13'
10 Lbs Maximum Load Weight
9 Lbs Boom Weight
Includes Sandbag Counterweight

Order below.. Light stands on Sale below

Light Stand / Boom SPECIAL SALE PRICES (Light stands also available at sale prices)
Special limited-time introductory sale prices. You may choose from the options in the drop-down menu.

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You may order any of the light stands and/or booms here.

1 Light Kit
2 Light Kit
3 Light Kit
4 Light Kit
All New Strobes on Sale!

Also on Sale: Light Stands

Brand New Studio Light Stands

Full-size statistics chart is below

Professional Quality Light Stands
These are brand new, top-quality, light stands. These are all telescopically able to reduce or extend their height from anywhere from 3' backlight stands to 10' heavy-duty stands. They're a great value; treat them with minimal respect, and you'll be passing it down to your grandchildren.

Stands come with a non-reflective black finish which reduces unwanted glare; multiple telescopic vertical sections, and three double-braced legs, which provide excellent stability in the studio or on location. They're topped with a standard 3/8" stud with 1/4" thread, type A. Sturdy as all get out, yet weigh less than most competing models.

Available Sizes: 3' light stand; 6'6" light stand; 10' light stand; and the new Boom Stand (Boom-Light stand Combination). Stats below.

See Boom above.

Quality shows -- when you know what to look for. Good light stands will have double-braced, rubber-tipped legs, and a non-reflecting surface. They will be sturdy enough to hold lights securely, but light enough for location shoots. They'll telescope for easy storage and handling. These stands are all that and more. They will will stand up to the rigors of studio use as well as the abuses of travel - and continue to work perfectly. The only "cheap" part of these light stands is the price. So why pay more? And beware, gentle photographer, of paying anything less. You may place your order, just above.
Guaranteed! These brand new, top quality, light stands equal or surpass those with prices far higher! Go ahead, check with your local photo store(s). Buy responsibly, but with confidence. These items are 100% guaranteed to be brand new, with manufacturer's full one YEAR warrantee! You may return this item (in original packaging and in new and undamaged condition, of course) within 7 days of receipt for a refund (less shipping) if it is not exactly as described above in every way. Order below.

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3,000w Cool Fluorescent Light Kit on SALE!

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